In response to Christ’s call, we are committed to providing vibrant, dynamic and meaningful worship experiences around the Lord’s Table, helping all to be accepted and nurtured in our faith community, growing and maturing in our understanding of Jesus and His gospel, celebrating the diversity that exists among us, inviting all to share the love and grace of Christ and welcome them into His church and standing with those in need.


  • Sunday, September 21st - Regular service times
  • Sunday, September 21st - Pumpkins arrive - 1:00 pm
  • Sunday, September 28th - Children's Sabbath - Sunday School at 9:30 am, unified worship at 10:45 am

  • Sunday, September 28th - Cabinet Meeting - 4 pm
  • Sunday, September 28th - Elder's Meeting - 5 pm


    The Structure Committee is making available electronic copies of Southern Hill's current constitution and by-law's as well as the new Ministry Covenant, which will be implemented January 1, 2015, for your study and reflection.

    1. Current Constitution and By-Laws
    2. Ministry Covenant Draft
    3. Proposed Organizational Structure